Wednesday, April 23, 2008

last week kicked my ass.

last week?
oliver to the vet (which scared the crap out of him. i have the only dog who doesn't like a puppy ride). still don't know what's wrong with him.
the mess with my brother and his wife. seriously. makes my head spin.
E waking up in such pain. crying for 45 minutes. to the doctor the next morning. rushing around like a crazy person from dr. to pharmacy to school.
baking cookies for E to take to school.
baking a lopsided cake.
and then there was the other thing. the thing that made me scared, and sad, and many other things all at the same time. still not over that.....just being thankful for things the way they are....because right now it's all i can handle.
getting the house ready and all the right presents for E's bday.
still absolutely nothing making me feel creative. i WANT to scrap, paint, art journal, just sit there stupidly doing nothing because nothing seems to inspire me right now. so irritating.
whirlwind weekend. which was actually nice. so nice to spend time with MY family for a change. my mom sent me these flowers. she knew i didn't have a good week. wasn't that nice? it was just such a surprise.
i have been going to bed earlier and earlier every night. pretty soon i'll be going to bed right after the boys. makes for a less tired momma....maybe???but not really, i still feel absolutely freaking whiped out. like holy shit i am tired kind of wiped out. and also cranky because i feel so uncreative. what the F is up with that anyway?!!
i'm laughing to myself too. i was watching the housewives of new york city yesterday while james had the boys in the living room. he was like, WHAT are you watching?! he was disgusted. lol....too funny.
waiting for the washing machine dude to show up. more than likely he will show up when i leave (for 1/2 an hour) to get E from school. seriously. what do you want to bet that that's the way it goes down.


~Amie~ said...

sending you extra big HUGS Kimberly!! Sounds like you had a heck of a week! Can't wait for you to find your mojo so I can see some more Kimberly goodness!!

Patrice~ said...

the flowers are gorgeous.
here's a thought.
let's get tickets to Hotlanta and hook up with this chick they call Lisa - I hear the drinks are cheap and bottomless - what say you?

I've got your back Kimberly.
Really, sister.

See you in GA . . .

jenscaleshr said...

Beautiful flowers! Have you painted them yet? I bet you will...

If you come to Atlanta with Patrice you'd better stop by and SEE ME.

(I can get you a great hotel room at a cheap price) ;)

Lisa said...

HUGS girl....I can so relate. Been that kind of week in this house too. Don't know if that helps, just know you aren't alone.

Lisa said...

ROFLMBO...I just saw Patrice's post. this should be an indication of how wiped I am. You know I'd love to hav you guys visit anytime....and m"hotel" is cheap to Jen!!!

Rachael said...

What a week!! Here's too a much better one!

Beautiful flowers!! How sweet of your mom!

Gotta love the Real Housewives shows! LOL

Hugs, girlfriend!