Tuesday, April 29, 2008

STILL nauseous and dizzy.

purposely staying up late tonight. hoping that if i do i'll sleep through the night. we are all so exhausted. we've had earthquakes (big enough to shake the house) every night for the last four nights. like 2-3 a night. we NEED a break. we NEED sleep. so...my thinking is, if i'm tired enough...maybe i'll sleep through a smallish quake. or better yet, there won't be ANY quakes tonight! wouldn't that be nice! between the 60mph winds today, and the last quake only an hour ago?? seriously. enough already!

did this page today. just wanted to paint. trying to find my creative center again. just enjoying the process of creating, of letting some emotion onto the page.

and now i'm going to watch a movie.


Patrice~ said...

more quakes. and now 60-mph winds?

glad you painted. the colors and swirls speak to your journaling.

ps: look for a care pkg - I felt bad your tummy has been so queasy. Maybe those will help . . .

~Amie~ said...

I looove your layout- yay you are scrappin'!!

I don't know how you can deal with those quakes, I would be a nervous wreck!

Patrice~ said...

check your email gorgeous . . . heehe

Rachael said...

Fabulous layout!!!!

I've been thinkin' of you!! I can't imagine that feeling!! Hugs, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

earthquakes?! PLURAL?!


Be safe, okay?