Sunday, April 27, 2008

i struggle with believing i am important. i know i am. that i am smart...and i'm going to say it here...for the first time ever...that i am an artist....BUT...being a sahm, i often feel that my days just don't matter, that what i do doesn't matter. yes, i take care of two children. but it often feels like i make no contribution to the world. sounds hokey. totally. but it is what it is. i am trying to place value on myself and trying really hard to be okay with placing value on myself. it's really hard for me to do.
this is the first page i have done in two months. it's pretty simple (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). i wanted the vibrant color of the cardstock, the yellow painted masking tape frame and inked up vibrant blue and brown pic to be the focal point. that and the emotion captured in the pic (and the words). i think me feeling unimportant is why it is SO important for me to do something with my art.


Patrice~ said...

you are an amazing artist.
your page speaks loudly and clearly of your energy, intensity, your vibrant personality.

you. you are the focal point.
you. you are an artist.

brava Kimberly!

~Amie~ said...

I looove your layout Kimberly! awesome!

Lea L. said...

You are very important! Tell yourself that everyday...even if you don't want to!

HUGS! Great layout too!

Trish said...

LOVE this!

Love the hair cut too!

Lisa said...

YOU are

an amazing artist

a natural, nurturing, intuitive mom

a supportive, caring wife

and my friend

You are SO much more than you realize.

Anonymous said...

You just rock. You are awesomely talented.