Sunday, April 06, 2008

it's a love hate thang.

been thinking a lot about them lately.
love this color blue. love mixing colors to get one just how i want it.
love getting messy.
love that this page took 5 minutes.
because i had no expectations. i just sat and did it. not caring what the end result would be. that's how it should always be.

on to another subject. here is part of my laundry room. you get the general idea. mixed berry (lilac-y/purple) with red shelves. it's kind of retro. and i dig it. the painting is done. things are placed neatly back where they belong. unused items are gone. the room is done. which is nice. if i decide i don't like it later.....i'll paint it again. this is the first room you come into when entering the house from the garage. i'm considering painting the door red. it's currently white. i guess i like bold statements. but i think it might just give the room the extra boost i'm looking for. i would bet you won't find many purple and red laundry rooms. and i like that. so, it's a love/hate thing. you'll either love it....or hate it!


Patrice~ said...

love it.
you funny.
I store a couple of my
small appliances in the
laundry room, too.
'the migration has begun'.
you slay me . . .

Trish said...

Love the new look to the laundry room!

Lisa said...

My absolute favorite outfit when I was a little girl was a red and purple striped sweater vest, with some caramel thrown in for good measure.

LOVED that outfit.

Love your laundry room...coolio!

Rachael said...

Gorgeous painting!!

Love the laundry room!! I'm drooling over your new washer and dryer!

Lea L. said...

Loving what you did with that layout...the blue is awesome!

And look at that spiffy laundry room!!