Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bday recap.

6:10 frickin am is what time these boys woke up! this is sawyer, kyler, E and riley. sawyer, riley and kyler are my bro's kids.

havin' fun at the bowling alley!

james and alexander watching his ball roll down the lane after james helped him. SO stinking cute!

the bday boy himself blowing out his THREE candles on his LOPSIDED cake with sawyer peeking his head in. thought i had 7 candles. guess not. oops. as for the lopsided cake? i love it. it is SO classic. this is a chocolate chocolate chip chocolate whipcream cake. i made it in a hurry. first layer should set before you put the second and third layers on. oops. heh. god how i love my kid. look at all this chocolate.


Patrice~ said...

why is it kids get up so darn'd early? that's just not normal.

and the cake? very classic indeed, Kimberly. it's chocolate, it has three layers, and it has that classic Italian lean to it - you know what I mean.

ps: your men are all such hotties in your family. good job.

super cool insider's view of E's birthday celebration. uh, were you there? didn't see you in any pics . . . hee.

get some rest. I'm tired.

~Amie~ said...

the cake looks delish!! mmm...chocolate!!
love the bowlin' pics too- got some lookers there Kimberly!

Misty said...

I hunted you down in my computer history.

My goodness. Those can't be your kids. Happy Birthday E. Love the three candles and the leaning cake. Those are things that make birthdays so special. I bet that cake was delish.

Yeah, I want to see you.

jenscaleshr said...

so cute! love the cake pics... kinda reminds me of that PINK firetruck cake I made for Skylar's 3rd birthday. Yeah. Who knew I needed paste instead of food coloring to make RED. I sure didn't.

It looks like all the boys had a good time - they obviously couldn't wait to play! (hence the early wake-up call)