Friday, April 25, 2008

i'm a piece of art.

little drawing E made for me a few months ago. i just came across it. i think it's pretty cute.

trying hard not to barf. more quakes today. news conference yesterday suggested reno residents prepare for a big quake. hmmmm. feeling secure? not so much. poor oliver is going nuts. he won't leave my side (which i like)...but i feel bad for the scared pooch.

forced myself to work out today even though my energy level was next to zero. finally finding my way back to the workout routine (even though each day i have to FORCE myself to do it). today was the first time since before we went to austin that i didn't feel like i was gonna die.

going to janet and dan's tomorrow night for mexican night. margarits, i am sure, will be the highlight. how do i know this? we're bringing the tequila. that's how. i'm also baking brownies (and taking vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup for brownie sundaes) and i'm taking oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies. two very simple things but still hopefully delish.

i think yard work is in my future (for tomorrow). SUCK. i hate yard work.

have had next to no sleep. it's one thing or another. poor james...he's had even less. this work schedule thing is kicking his ass. he went in at 5am today and he's still there.

maybe going to force myself to scrap. to get over this lack of creativity thing. we'll see.

now it's time to wash two very dirty little boys.


Patrice~ said...

I'm with E.
your great.
go to bed.
I'm exhausted.

Lea L. said...

What a sweet drawing! Thanks for sharing it!

Hope you have a better night tonight,

~Amie~ said...

love love love that drawing! cute! he must take after his mommy! :)

Get some rest, hope the ground stops moving around over there, and for goodness sakes, CREATE Something!!!