Wednesday, April 09, 2008

does YOUR butt smell like lemons?

is eating candy/chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner wrong? okay, i didn't really have any for breakfast but for lunch and dinner? yeah. i did.

plan to scrap this pic at some point. IF i ever feel creative again. i'm beginning to wonder if i ever will. i sit feeling nothing. no inspiration whatsoever inside me. ~sigh~ need a weekend at the beach. alcohol. sleep. scrapping/art journaling. no kids. no hubby. i love you dear, and boys...but seriously. i can't produce anything worth a crap right now!

according to alexander my butt smells like lemons. don't even ask. well, okay...this might require a bit of explanation. he's about butt-high....likes to hug me. must be the laundry detergent. or maybe the kid's just weird.

boys are in the bath right now. james is still at work. time to go wash hair and be mommy again. my stolen 5 minutes are over!


Patrice~ said...

Lemons, Kimberly???

puts a whole new spin
on 'pucker up' . . .

Going For Greatness said...

hehehe I've been guilty of having chocolate for lunch.... *gasp* LOL!!

Hmm to get you jump started on scrappin' again why not check out Scrapdragon?

Omg LOL! Lemons... well think of it this way... there are worse things a butt can smell like, right?
too funny!!!

Lisa said...

LEMONS?????? make lemonade chick...ROFLMBO! really need a girls week-end.

Hey I have an idea.

I can cop us lodging at the beach or in the

You supply the ticket.

I'll supply the lodging/art supplies and copious quantities of the beverage of your choice.


Leslie Ashe said...

What a silly boy!! BUT could be worse! LOL!!

THANK you sweet girl for the comments on my blog!! I {{heart}} you!