Friday, April 18, 2008

april 20, 2001

april 20, 2001. these are just a few of the things i remember from the day this amazing boy was born.

it snowed. in april. like a lot. i remember looking out the window of my hospital room and watching the big giant flakes fall out of the sky.

39 hours of labor. no epidural.

switching from the bed to the rocking chair. then back to the bed. then back to the rocking chair. always with james right there putting ice in my mouth. i didn't even have to ask. just opened my mouth. my mouth had to be numb so i could focus on that and not the pain of the contractions.

watching james catch a catnap at 5am. he was exhausted. i went into the hospital at 9:00am on a wednesday morning. E was born two days later (on friday at ten minutes to midnight).

the first time E nursed. it was for exactly 8 minutes. why do i know that? my mind....i'm good with numbers....there was a clock on the wall across from me. i still remember it vividly. i had no idea what i was doing. but we did it.

the nurses changing shifts (again) and my original nurse being very surprised i was still there with a baby on the inside instead of the outside.

taking a bath at 1am on wednesday night in the birthing center. the contractions were so strong and the hot water felt soooo good. i stayed in the tub for two hours. it was a slice of heaven.

walking the hallways with james.

holding my yet unnamed baby in my arms. just looking at him.

ethan thomas reed being given his name only minutes before we left the hospital.

happy birthday E. i all kinds of love you.


Patrice~ said...

aren't women amazing creatures?
and aren't babies simply miraculous, perfect bitty-beings?

strong man's name - Ethan Thomas.

happy birthday wishes, E.

Rachael said...

Happy, happy birthday, E!!!!

Lisa said...

What a sweet, sweet birthing story my friend

I felt like I was right there with you....holding your hand

And did ya know...My brother shares the same birthday.

If he is anything like my brother he is

good looking, devastatingly so
stubborn as all get out
family centered

Happy birthday Ethan

And well done my friend!

~Amie~ said...

love these little bits of your memories from such a momentous day! happy birthday to E!!

Lea L. said...

Holy are super woman in my book!!! Happy birthday E!


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!!!

Nicole said...

Wow, that is an amazing story. I am always so impressed how different each of our experiences are.