Saturday, April 12, 2008


definitely matisse inspired with a little baroque thrown in for good measure. did a painting similar to this one a month or so ago. trying to decide what i want to do with my art.
quick to lose my temper today. being mindful of that.
did NOT sleep well last night.
perhaps time to re-prioritize things?
needing to be able to create something with ease instead of struggling through it. the struggling part is because i am so tired. my mind really is like mush.
E is sick. fell asleep at school yesterday.
alexander is now sick.
hoping they are both better by next weekend. my mom is coming, and christine and the boys. looking forward to spending some time with MY family. it does not happen often. my mom does her best to come down three times a year, but they are always short short trips. she will be here for two days. better than nothing.


Patrice~ said...

hey girl.
what's this noise about not sleeping? get thee to your family practice doc and spill it. you sound sleep deprived. i take ambien cr - seems to get me a solid six every night.
your mom's coming to hang?
sounds doable.
come on over - we'll chat.
ps: I dig your art. really.

Lisa said...

girlfried..I am the queen of going to bed at 10 and staring at the ceiling until 2pm.

It sucketh much and then I am an uber grouchy short tempered mom unit when this happens.

This painting intrigues me. Maybe it's sleep deprivation, but I am seeing all kinds of things in the painting and they kind of look like flowers, but then I realize they are NOT flowers

Don't laugh...I see a rabbit and a chicken. And the chicken is looking over the rabbit's shoulder, like "hey...who's the next or me???"

do you think I have some trust issues to work out??

or do I just need more sleep?

Either way, it is edgy and cool and provacative.

Rachael said...

Beautiful painting!!!

I hope you can get some rest soon!

~Amie~ said...

that painting is gorgeous Kimberly! hope you get some snoozes soon

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Carrie K said...

i want that painting...please!

dont you dare serious!

i want one now before you get famous and try to charge me hundreds for it!!