Sunday, June 01, 2008

field day!

this is E and kathy. they've had a thing for each other all year long. it's soooo cute. friday was field day for E and i took alexander and we hung out for a while while the entire first grade was out on the field. E definitely has a thing for redheads. you can see alexander there, on the right. he was excited to finally be included in something that had to do with school. he cannot wait until it's his turn to go. poor kid has no clue how long it's gonna be (a whole nother year)!!

this is E, justin and mateo (friends/classmates). so stinking cute. i love this pic! they are all so carefree. and i probably shouldn't be posting pics that have other peoples' kids in them. sssshhhh. don't tell anyone! ;) i couldn't resist.
we are counting down the days until E is done with first grade. he goes to school monday, tuesday and then half a day wednesday and that is it! i can't believe it. now i must get off the puter and tuck my boys in.


Patrice~ said...

diggin' E's
tie-dyed shirt, Kimberly.
such a lady's man! heehe

hilarious, fun pictures
of kids enjoying.

A cracks me up.
there he is, just standing in the background, waiting (patiently)!


Lisa said...

I HEART those t-shirts...too cool for school for sure!

and I love how E rocks the surfer dude haircut. Like father like son!

~Amie~ said...

your boys are so adorable! we need to get together and play sometime