Wednesday, June 04, 2008

can you say i am a freaking moron??!!

last weekend, while james was in california, the boys enjoyed some running through the sprikler in the front yard time!
they really didn't care how cold the water was from the sprinklers. they were content to run, be crazy, freeze....then lay their towels on the driveway where it was warm, warm up...then do it all over again!

alexander and i walked down to the mailbox today. know what i found? no? well then, let me tell you. i found a notice. from the power company. telling me they were going to turn off our freaking power. WTF???!!! i was like...uh...NO i paid the damn bill!! so i went inside, to my desk, where all the bills go and wait to be paid. and guess what i found. the bill. i freaking failed to pay the power bill for may!! and dudes. the power company really doesn't care that my lack of sleep is affecting my daily life. they want their freakin' money. i cannot freaking believe i did not pay the bill!!! so i loaded up the boys, and for the first time in my life, went down to the power company in person to pay the bill. an experience i hope to never repeat.

THEN...yeah...there's more. i realized i hadn't paid the house payment yet. it was due a couple of days ago. good thing we have a grace period, that's all i can say. so i get all the bills that currently need to be paid, get my stamps (yes, i still actually write out an antequated check)...and start to write out checks. ONLY to find out i am out of freaking checks!!! my checkbook has one check. the box (where i THOUGHT the rest of our checks were)...EMPTY. seriously. i cannot freaking believe it! in all my bill-paying years i have NEVER forgotten to pay a bill. it was sobering to actually realize that my lack of sleep in affecting me that much. good thing james has a few checks left in his stash. that will get us through until i order more checks and/or figure out how to start paying on-line.

seriously. what in the hell in wrong with me?!


Patrice~ said...

here's the thing.
your boys and the sprinkler
pictures are
utterly delightful.
very very very 'typical-boy'!!

this lack of sleep thing????

you're killin' me,
and I'm only reading
your blog.

tell you what:
I'll come out
and play with the
boys in the sprinkler
(if I don't scare
them with my old-lady
swimsuit and glow-in-the-dark
white legs).
then maybe you
can take a nappie-poo.

Lea L. said... need to sign up for online bill pay. Tee hee!! But checks, no stamps...not mail boxes or post offices. You go on it is paid. Ahh...modern conveniences. (Sorry...I had to give you a little crap!)

The boys look like they had lots of fun!!


~Amie~ said...

Oh I love your sprinkler play pics!!

and I also am guilty of something almost identical to what you just wrote about paying bills!

Dina said... can write out a check on a deposit slip. Don't ask me how I know.

Take a nap, sistah.

Misty said...

Been there on the bills....can you believe my trash can was repossesed once? I thought it was on automatic pay-apperently it wasn't. I had months of unopened late notices nicely filed away. Whoops.

Sweet dreams. xoxo

Lisa said...

Honey bunny

You can set up almost EVERYTHING on autopay these days, definitely the mortgage and probably the utility directly through the provider.

And if you can't do it through the provider, you should be able to set it up through your bank.

Trust me on this, you NEED to do it, to save your sanity if nothing else.


And have you talked to your MD about the insomnia thing? I'm thinkin you should...just cause I love you to pieces you know!