Tuesday, June 03, 2008

feeling inspired by color.

just added this painting to my etsy shop. feeling very inspired by ultramarine blue and deep violet along with yellow ocre and reds.

i *think* E's teacher loved the painting i gave her (see post below). she said it brought tears to her eyes (and she showed it to all the other teachers). so that's good. because believe me, i was VERY nervous about it. i am extremely nervous/anxious each time i ship a painting to someone.

the colors on this one are interesting. they're bold. and i like that.

we took E out to dinner tonight to celebrate the end of first grade. yeah. that's what i told him anyway. real reason? i hadn't even thought about dinner. just didn't have it in me today. tomorrow i'll do better.

need to go to bed i suppose. gotta get started on that waking up fifty million times a night so i wake up feeling un-refreshed and un-ready for my day!! lol... yeah. i know. i'm little miss positive, aren't i. tomorrow........i........will.....do better!


Patrice~ said...


yet another beauty
from the master herself.

what's with this no-sleep

one word:
ambien cr

Lisa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Seriously this takes my breath away!

~Amie~ said...

I adore that painting... it inspired me to have an idea for a painting I want you to do for me (colors)- do you do special/custom orders?