Saturday, June 21, 2008

photo's from my dad's house.

i failed to take my camera with me when the boys and i went to see my dad (and my aunt sandy and uncle lou). however, my aunt sandy was kind enough to take a few pictures and email them to me when she got home. this is me and the boys (duh) inside my dad's house.
my dad aka LRB taking alexander for his first-ever ride on a quad. alexander had a hard time figuring out the controls (my dad let him accelerate and steer), but once he figured it out there was no stopping him. the kid has no fear.

my dad taking E for his first-ever ride on a quad. i had to coax him into it. E is timid. he is the oppositive of alexander in that regard. but once E got on, he had a blast! i felt like a bad mom (coaxing him to do something he was scared to do) but i also don't want him to be afraid to live life. i want him to try new things even if he's scared. if he doesn't do that, how will he ever experience what life has to offer.
and as usual when i blog, the boys are in the tub and now i must go make sure they have washed their grubby little feet and hands. we spent another day working in the back yard. the good news? the first excavation (yes, there is a second excavation still to come) is almost completely done and level. if i never see another shovel, mattock or wheel barrow i will be a happy woman.


Leslie Ashe said...

The pics are so CUTE!! Look at YOU! You're just so stinkin' cute!! :) LOVE the pics of the boys and your neat to see this side of your family :)
You're such a good mommy...hugs!!


Leslie Ashe said...

OH! p.s. do you SEE who hit the "enter" key?


Patrice~ said...

my brother (was,) and now my son
is cautious too, Kimberly!
but once they figure
out what to do, LOOK OUT!!!!!!

Looks like Aunt Sandy
knows how to take
cute cute cute pictures!!

Got your tickets yet?? ;)