Monday, June 02, 2008

summer is almost here.

giving this painting to E's teacher tomorrow (along with a starbucks card and a loaded visa card). wanted something i think she will use (i know she loves starbucks)...and visa is taken pretty much anywhere. but i also wanted something personal to give to her. i can't think of anything more personal (from me anyway) than a painting. i have no idea if my style is something she will even be interested in so i'm a little nervous about giving it to her.

feeling a little bit like a single mom. it's only been a few days of james being away, working on the weekend and being super busy during the work week). i shouldn't complain. i just find myself wondering how i'm going to make it through the summer. if today (AFTER i picked E up from school) is any indication of what it will be like...someone just kill me now. pretty please. all E has done today is whine, and pick on alexander. all alexander has done is cry (kept getting hurt and telling me E was being mean to him).

seems it doesn't take much to take away any reserve i have. desperately needing to find some balance (both james and i need that), just not sure how to do it. painting only in bits and pieces of time is not conducive to great art, any kind of art really. wanting to scrap but having to choose whether i scrap, paint or art journal. feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of summer i guess. need to figure out how to make it good quality time with E (and zan) because i fully realize that soon enough, the time my boys are small, will be gone.


~Amie~ said...

that painting is beautiful Kimberly! I'm sure his teacher will absolutely LOVE it! :)

Lisa said...

That teacher is one lucky lady.

Balance...girl we all struggle with it.

I could post really long diatribe on the subject but I'd just putmyself to sleep!

Trish said...

Beautiful painting!

When you find the balance let me in on the secret!

Patrice~ said...

first of all,
I so wish I was
E's teacher.
the painting
is magnificent.
lively, bold and vibrant colors.

what is that, anyway?
and some days do you
just feel like you're
the only mom (wife, human) who
really does give a rat's arse?

sounds like we're
allllll right there
with you.
and behind you.
and beside you.

love that painting.
if she doesn't like it,
she's an idiot.
make her give it back.
and then put it on Etsy.
I will be glad
to make another investment.

chin up, woman.