Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the lines are blurred. another scrappy!

how do i know when it's okay to do something for myself. the lines are blurred for me. the last 7 years have been all about being a mother, my kids' wants and needs. starting to emerge from that but having a really hard time figuring out the balance.
the trip to my dad's was actually nice. no expectations? can't be disappointed. he took the boys for a ride on his quad. alexander was way into that. he took them for a ride on his golf cart (let them both drive actually) which they were both very excited about. it was nice to see my aunt sandy and uncle lou.
got a rare, and i do mean rare compliment from my dad. he said i have good boys. my uncle lou also complimented me on what good children i have. they were both good. really good. and it was nice.
i took my dad's quad out for a little spin too. that was damn fun. did i mention i was wearing a skirt? so not the right clothing to wear to ride a quad. but no matter. it needed to be done. so i did it. and it was fun.
just came in from working out in the back yard. a maddock (is that how you even spell that?) should never...and i do mean NEVER be weilded by a woman. makes my hands hurt. james is by far the stronger of the two of us but i figure any little bit i do is less he has to do. our 4 yards of rock that were delivered yesterday are now tucked away in the back yard waiting to be used. maybe this weekend. if we dig out there every night this week we might be ready for rock by saturday. maybe.
now i must go be mommy again and check on the boys. it's almost their bedtime.


Patrice~ said...

a skirt and a quad.
interesting combo.

so what are you doing
to the backyard that
requires so much hard work?

~Amie~ said...

so glad you had fun at your dad's!! and I looooove that you are scrappin' again!! go you!! :)

Rachael said...

I am so happy to see a layout from you!! I love it!!! Love your style!!

Glad you had a nice visit!!

Love ya, girlfriend!!

Lisa said...

I believe you are on a roll girl!

And the lines are always blurred. It just doesn't become "smack upside the head" apparent until you have a major life adjustment

kids are just one of many MLA's along the way

It'll get easier..trust!

Emily Falconbridge said...

i LOVE the rawness/realness/coolness of this page :)