Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what i miss.

do you know what i miss?
the ocean.
the way it smells.
the way it feels.
how i feel when i am there.
i'm very emotional today.
seriously. dude. i need to get a grip!
questioning myself. again.
what is the right thing to do?
weighing what i really want against what i 'should' do.
clearly i need to art journal. but it won't be happening tonight.

i haven't scrapped in way over three months. i've been creative in other ways, (duh, hello i have an etsy shop now)....just haven't scrapped. or even art journaled. i was thinking today, as i was folding laundry, that i've been extremely tired. more tired than normal. and believe me, on any given day, i'm way beyond tired. i think it's partly because of all the quakes. that and the fact i have trouble sleeping to begin with. i'm so used to waking up at the slightest noise (hello, i'm a mother)....guess i need to figure out a way to re-program my mind and body so i stop waking up 50 times a night. yeah. i'll work on that.


Patrice~ said...

I hear ya.
kids make a difference
in a mom's sleep pattern.
hmmmmm, tho,
not getting enough sleep???
what does the family practice
doc offer up for ideas?

~Amie~ said...

hoping you get some good snoozin' sleep soon!!

Lisa said...

Between being a mother of young kids and the quakes I'd say your lack of sleep is completely understandable. I'd also second Patrice and go talk to your doc..prolonged sleep deprivation...not good for overall mommy well-being!