Thursday, June 05, 2008

i'm officially an on-line bill payer now.

just added this to my etsy shop. as i was working on it, i hated it. couldn't get it to work. set it aside and came back to it a day or two later. made two small changes and it just clicked. what a beautiful thing.....when it just comes together like that.

i may be adding another product to my shop soon. when i get it all figured out that is. not anything big, something small. but beautiful nonetheless. at least i hope!

signed myself up for online bill pay tonight. yes. i finally did it. the next bill i pay will be without a check or stamp. woot! so lea...gonna have to find something else to give me 'crap' about! lol... not that there's a shortage of stuff to give me a hard time about, believe me! lol...

going to go watch mindless television now. then go to bed. happy friday!


Patrice~ said...

I'm clickin'
with this one, too.

ps: mom is still
walking around her house,
loooking for the 'perfect'
place to hang
her geraniums ;) !!

~Amie~ said...

oooo, love the rich colors on this one!! beautiful!

Lisa said...

I totally dig that blue and orange combination...stunning as usual!

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO!! Wanna pay mine too? LOL!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting Kimberly!! It's taking me forever to decide because dang all of them are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Umm..have you hit your enter key lately?