Monday, June 09, 2008

i'm tired of earthquakes.

photo of alexander i took earlier today. he climbed up onto the footboard of his bed and was laying on his big bear (groven bear), and just being. as you can see...nothing on the walls. we're still shakin'. in fact, it's picked up over the last three days and we had a 4.0 over the weekend. what. 4.0 doesn't sound big? well trust me. it's big enough. big enough for things to break. big enough to bounce things make your dishes actually get to watch your entire house shake. we actually had four larger quakes sat night (2) and two on sunday during the day. another one this evening. i'm not sure i'll ever be able to put stuff back up on the walls in the boys' rooms. seriously. SO tired of the quakes!!!!
i know we're lucky (very lucky in fact compred to all the tragedy happening in china)....i just want to feel safe again. i hate....HATE how loud quakes are, and the sheer power? it's amazing. definitely puts you in your place....reminds you of how small you really are.


Patrice~ said...

that little bitty
quake we had
a couple of months
ago was very unsettling.
and very loud.
I think I kinda
know how you feel.

you guys wanna
come over here
and play with us
for a couple of days??? ?

Rachael said...

OH gosh, Kimberly!!! When will they stop? HUGS!!