Saturday, May 31, 2008

my husband is the best.

when i finish a painting i tape it (masking tape) to my wall. not very sophisticated, i know. but it works for me. every painting i do gets put on the wall. then i look at it. and decide if i like it. so here's a shot of a few that are currently on the right side of the wall in the loft (where i scrap, paint and art journal).

oh, and for the curious? i did email tara whitney and tell her to put my name on the list of those that want to go to thailand. and holy crap. i might really do this??!! yes. but only if i emailed her in time. tara is waiting for emily to get back from italy and then they will start contacting people. here's hoping i'm on 'that' list. see those two pieces of white paper on the left (they look like 4 x 6 pics were printed out on 8 1.2 x 11 paper)??? one is of a boat on the water in thailand. the other is of a hot dude. a thai dude. my husband printed those out and taped them to my wall. and i love him. that's what did it for me, made my mind up (to at least try to do t his). i may never take the pic of the hot thai dude off my wall. heh.


Carrie K said...

so much GOODNESS!! I want them ALL...especially the lilies in the bottom corner!

can you just send me a picture of your wall...that would be perfect! than i can have hot thai dude (is there such a curious)


Patrice~ said...

you made
the decision to go.

crossing fingers
your email gets
picked up and accepted!!!!!!!


Patrice~ said...

I made my decision.

and I did not make
said decision easily.

but I am very pleased
with the decision I made.
dh is too.

Lisa said...

Good for you! I really hope you do it. I think it will be another step on the path that you've taken...a very big, big step, covering MILES...literally and figuratively!