Saturday, August 04, 2007

maybe i AM psychotic.

in one post i say maybe i need a break from scrapping. so what do i do? spend all day today running around to various stores looking for the best way to set myself up upstairs in the loft. i'm moving out of 'my' living room and taking over the loft. i'm sick of the crappy metal shelvy thingy holding my stuff. i'm sick of bad lighting. i spent $20 today. and it was money well spent. got myself a new lamp. it sits on the floor and has five little lamp arms that adjust each holding a 60 watt bulb. that's right baby. 300 watts to light up my world. so for now....until i find the 'right' table and shelves, etc., for upstairs in the loft i will still be downstairs. but at least i'll be able to see what i am doing.

i have a pretty good idea of what i want for myself upstairs. a table to be my work space. some shelves. holding baskets (where all my stuff currently is). a basket for all my rubs. yes. most people have things sorted by color. that's just not for me. at least if it is, i haven't figured that out yet. i will also need a smaller table to hold my sewing machine. and a comfy chair. so i'm on the lookout. went to pottery barn. that's a laugh. beautiful stuff but i'm seriously not going to spend that much money.

actually found something that might work at home depot. home depot! who would have imagined. but i'm not 100% sold yet. so i'm still looking. they have cabinets with shelves that sit on top and a table/desk thingy inbetween the cabinets and shelves which would flank the desk thingy.

no i must go wash the dirty stinky children. then put them to bed. woot!

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Lisa said...

Because I keep looking around my scrap area thinking MAYBE the reason I'm not scrapping is because my area is such a pitiful mess.

Chaos and creativity are not a good mix for me at least!

So good for you for grabbing the tiger by the to speak!