Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i'm really not good at waiting for things.

i want the new table (well tables actually). one will be my workspace and one will have my sewing machine on it. i want my shelves. and cabinets. and i want them now. NOW. not in a couple of months when i actually have money. N.O.W. lol... it's like the birthday trip thing. dude. i'm STILL waiting!!! 31 more days! sheesh. are ya kidding me?! 31 more days? well...guess i should get used to it. it will be a lot more days than that before i get my scrapping furniture. humpf.

i feel like i will be ten times more creative if i'm better set up and more organized. it's probably a load of crap. it's probably all in my mind. but that's how i feel. i want to scrap. but feel trapped. like i'm paralyzed. sort of funny actually. it's only scrapping. what's the big deal?! in my mind i'm not willing to do anything until i'm set up how i WANT to be set up. that's what the deal is. whatevah. ~rolls eyes at herself~ guess i'll scrap when i scrap. it'll be good or it'll be crap. and that's that!

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Lisa said...

See...I think there is a whole lot of logic in your need to have flow and order, as you define order, in your scrap space.

Because in my day to day life at my job and then at home, if my work space is not working for me?

Well then I'm not working or playing or whatever it is that I would be doing if I weren't blocked by lack of FLOW

So I totally get what you are saying and I am going to give you permission to go ut and GET what gets your java juicin...kwim?