Monday, August 20, 2007

i am....

i am a mother. but i am also more than that.
i am a woman.
i am an individual.
i am a wife.
i am a sister.
i am a daughter.
i am in love with my husband.
i am lucky.
i am tired.
i am sick of my allergies.
i am grateful for what i have.
i am feeling melancholy today. can you tell?
i am many things all at once.
but most of all i am lucky.
lucky to have james.
lucky to have ethan.
lucky to have alexander.
i am reminded to appreciate what i have.
and now i am going to finish cooking dinner.
i am also going to vacuum. lol.... hey. i never said i lived an exciting life...just that i am lucky.
with that attitude i can handle a little vacuuming.


Rachael said...

You are a friend too. ;)

We have to make sure we take time to realize that we are lucky!

Lisa said...

Well said my friend!

Stephanie said...

Wow, we really are a lot of things! Don't forget that you are also a creative genius. I have seen what you can do and it's inspiring!

jenscaleshr said...

You're a good person and a great friend. You're also a pretty talented damn scrapbook artist. Dude.

And you're hilarious. And I like you.