Monday, August 13, 2007

some of this and some of that.

a few random things.

1. i have been bad. bad bad bad. i have been eating normally for about three weeks now. i must stop and get back to closely watching and monitoring what i eat. eeks. i'm afraid to get on the scale.

2. date night was fun. best part? after the wine tasting when it was just the two of us at rosita's.

3. camping was good. james was funny. YES dear. you were. you giggled like a school girl and it was funny.

4. school starts for ethan two weeks from today. not long. first grade is almost here. we have the backpack and lunch bag. i am going out today to buy school supplies (even though i don't have a list from his teacher yet) but that's a whole 'nother post.

5. couple of recent layouts. dina took that photograph on the 'the joke is on you' LO. awesome. if it weren't for her i would have almost no pics from chicago. i really like both of these layouts. i did a 12 x 12 LO. for some reason lately i've just been in a 12 x 12 mood. i have two more 12 x 12's on my desk. i may submit them for the sept scrapgal newsletter. we'll see.

6. i feel out of the scrapping loop. haven't posted on 2 peas in foreva (until today). i hate how it works. more people you know more times you post the more likely you are to get any kind of attention over there. i just honestly don't think i have the energy for it. i really do just look in the gallery and leave praise if i like something. i'm not political. in the slightest. this is the part of scrapping that i hate.

7. i'm off to take a shower and go to target. the boys are playing nicely. for now. i better hurry.


Stephanie said...

Lovin' the LO's!
I hardly ever visit 2Peas anymore. I don't really care for their new design.

Rachael said...

Your layouts are amazing!!

So glad you had a great date night!! We were up in wine country for vacation and couldn't even go tasting! ugh!

Isn't it crazy that school starts so soon? eeek!

I feel your pain with the veggie site!! it's all in who you know there, it's sad!