Tuesday, August 28, 2007

first grade.

well here you have it. the big E's first day of first grade. he wouldn't cop to it but i know he was nervous. he woke up three times the night before school started.
i'm happy to say he came home yesterday excited and happy. he said he loves first grade. heh. lets see if he's that gung ho about it in another month.
today the report was again favorable. another glowing day in first grade. but there WAS a problem. and all i can say is thank god it wasn't MY problem. some little boy made his first trip to the principal's office. i got all the gory details. i made sure i told E that should never happen to him. that that would be a very very very very bad thing if it did.
so james.....here's a couple of pics of E's first day. i have many more which you can see when you get home.
we're trying to establish some sort of routine. things are so out of whack here with E being gone from 9:30-3:30. alexander is on a new nap schedule and....uh.....he's having some trouble adjusting. lets just say he's been one cranky little monster (though absolutely adorable) for the last couple of days.
E comes home exhausted. i'm working the bedtime routine back so he goes to bed at a decent hour instead of so late like we have been doing most of the summer.
i'm feeling a little funky......not sure if it's because i'm tired....or if i'm just having trouble getting into the groove of the new routine. whatever the casue....i'm sort of living in a fog. oh. i know. it could be the 8 benedryl i took yesterday. so far today i'm benedryl free. that will change before bed. i'm tired of waking up with that 'allergy' feeling in my face....you know the one....like a sinus infection...the pressure....the runny nose (sorry if tmi)...sneezing....can't breathe....~sigh~ just makes me tired thinking about it.
anyway....boys are in the bath. guess i should go wash them. so i can get them to bed.


Rachael said...

What a handsome guy!! Great pics!!

Sorry the allergies are bad, they'll be hitting here soon too!!

We can be in a fog together!! Hopefully a routine can be established quickly!

Stephanie said...

Wow, they grow up so fast. Hope you can get the whole sleep schedule figured out.
Feel better. Allergies are no fun!

Lisa said...

He only woke up three times? That's pretty good. Mine threw up on his first day. Of fifth grade! Fun times.

and what is it with NV and allergies? I thought the state came with a "Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect Allergies" pass...cause didn't they send peeps out West in the olden times to "clear their lungs"

Sorry you are in such misery my girlie. Take faint comfort in that I'll be joining you in a month. Mold and me....we are not a groovy thang!

jenscaleshr said...

Those pics are TOO CUTE! Love his shorts - they're adorable!

And benedryl rocks. I mean, it makes me feel better. And sleep. A lot.