Saturday, August 25, 2007

what does it take to make 6 boys happy?

a trip to the nevada state fair. you will be looking at james of course, and ethan and alexander. the other three are my nephews kyler, sawyer and riley. i'm pretty sure they all had a great time. i think the pics speak for themselves. as you can see it was daylight when we arrived and way way way past bedtime when we went home!


Leslie Ashe said...

SUPER fun time!!!!

HEY stranger :)

Lisa said...

It looks like a LOVELY time was had by all.

but wait, where are the pixs of the lovely lady herself...that's what I want to know?


Rachael said...

What a fun time!! Everyone looks so happy!!

The ferris wheel picture is absolutely amazing!!

That James is a handsome guy! ;)

Stephanie said...

Sweet pics! Sounds like a good time was had!

jenscaleshr said...

All of those boys are cute! They look like they had such a good time!!