Wednesday, August 08, 2007

so....the night before last...

james had to work late. okay. that's fine. got home about 12:30 am. AM people. that's a long day. he went to work late the next day because he went with me to watch the boys at swimming lessons. that was good. they like it when dadda (as alexander would say) comes.

well...turns out james is working late again today. blah!!!!!! he's also going to alabama soon and then vegas. double blah!!!!!!! i may take the boys to my brother's house. IF they ever call me back. my bro and his wife? not the most together peeps. my boys want to see their cousins and...well....i guess their aunt and uncle too. ethan keeps telling me uncle barry is cool. obviously he didn't grow up with him. :wink:

today i finished up the gem turquoise (a retro aqua blue) in the loft. i also painted the trim up there. woot woot! got a lot done. i'll post a pic of the loft when it's all done. i am loving the color. takes longer when the boys "help" they have fun. they still fight...but less if i keep them busy and separated.

next on my list? painting the small wall up above the cupboards in the kitchen. can you say lime pop?? yeah baby. cool lime color. and yes. i'm serious. the rest of the kitchen is pearl white with some brown. the green is just the needed pop!

just a little rambling nothing about my day today. i guess since james is going to be late i'll be outside riding bikes with the boys tonight. yippy. not. my allergies will kick in and i'll be swollen and puffy. again. i'm so tired of that!

guess i should go check the front porch and see is my SG order came today. maybe that will help jumpstart me into scrapping again.

do have a date night coming up on friday. woot! auntie trish is coming to our house with her boys to watch our boys. that will be five boys in da house. but i won't be here so it's all good. :wink:

now i'm off to feed the munchkins. so we can ride bikes. so i can get red, puffy, itchy eyes. yeah. good times. lol...


Lisa said...

heh....your post title makes me think of Clement Moore....twas the night before......

See...I'm really trying to think COOL thoughts for both of us!

And you are a better woman than I. painting? on large indoor expanses? In the middle of summer? be superchick.

Rachael said...

Your colors sound amazing!! You will show pics then, right???

Have a wonderful date night tonight!