Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm trying to spend less time on the puter.

that's one of the things i decided i needed to do while i was in chicago.
i also need more trips like that.
more 'kimberly' time to help balance the never-ending 'mom' time.
it was SO good for me.

i'm thinking about taking a long break from scrapping. long like more than a few days or weeks. i'm thinking of dropping out for a while.

i'm watching music and lyrics. back to it. then bed.


Rachael said...

The computer sucks you in, that's for sure!!

I'll miss you if you leave for too long!!

Alone time is so good for the soul! So glad you were able to get it!!

Stephanie said...

Sometimes you just need a break. Other then CJ's I haven't scrapped since February. Need to focus my time on other things!
Glad you enjoyed your trip!

jenscaleshr said...

a break is okay... we all need a break... (just don't stay away from scrapping too long - you're much too good and much too inspirational)