Monday, August 20, 2007

some of this and some of that.

well, obviously i'm back from my brother's house. so not a fun trip. i am sorry for what they are going through. christine (my sil) may be coming to our house tomorrow. if so, james and i are taking her boys (all three of them) to the nevada state fair on wednesday. they need some fun. we'll see if she actually shows up.

alexander actually remembers the fair from last year. and all year long he has been asking when we get to go to the fair. well......his day is almost here! i can't believe he remembers last year's event. he was only 2!!

ethan has FINALLY mastered tieing his own shoes. YAY!!!! it's been a long hard battle but he's finally decided he can do it. i told him that was something he HAD to do before he started first grade. speaking of starts in six days! in six days my baby will be gone from 9:30-3:30. i'm not sure i'm ready for that. i have worked with him several days a week all summer on writing, math, reading.... when he wants to, he reads well. the problem is he's moody. and if the mood doesn't strike him...well...forgeddabout it!! i wish his teacher, mrs. murphy the best of luck.

painted one wall in the kitchen lime pop green. oh yeah baby. it's definitly a burst of color. i'm not convinced james likes it. i know i will hear much grief from my family (my dad in particular) about the color. oh well. he doesn't have to like it.

summer is starting to wind down. it's cool in the evenings and dark outside by 8:3o now! the nightly ritual of bike riding is still happening but there's a different feel to the air now.

back to being a mommy. i must check dinner.

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