Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We've been hit by the plague!

Everyone in our house is sick. I've been sick for eight freaking days now. First it was Alexander. Then Ethan. Then me. And now James. He's been home the last two days. It hits him hard. And let me just say....he no fun to hang with when he's sick. Yea...that's right dude. You know it's true. Sorry. But wowza. I just hope you get better FAST.

It's been really really hard becasue I was getting sick when my mom got here. Then I proceeded to get sicker while she was here. I just hope she got lucky and escaped the doom. Seriously...this one sucks. Sore throat. NO energy. More sore throat. Congestion. Being totally zapped...just wiped out! Coughing. And more coughing. Then more sore throat. Not sleeping well. And then more being out of energy all the while you must still do things. And care for the little ones. I hate to see my kids sick.

I just hope Ethan doesn't get it again or get something else right on top of it. Some little boys were out at school because they were sick and now they're back. I know he'll get things from school, there's no way to avoid it. Just please...not right on top of what he just got over!

Alexander is almost all the way better. I was worried about E this morning when I took him to school. He just looked really really pale. So I'm going to put the boys to bed a little early tonight. I'm hoping some extra sleep will help fight off whatever's next.

I have not scrapped since the end of August! GASP. First our company from Atlanta. Then we left for camping the day they went home. Then soccer and school...and my mom came. I've just had NO time. Between that and feeling like crap!!!!!!!!!! I do feel a little better today...just still totally zapped. If only I could sleep well...good deep rest for just ONE night. That would make a huge difference! A girl can hope...right?!

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JenSmack said...

Feel better!! I hope you're all drinking lots of fluids, taking vitamins.. and getting rest... especially YOU. Moms never seem to be able to rest, but please find some time to take care of yourself!