Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some observations. I a pig because I ate the rest of the pie right out of the pie pan and didn't use a plate? Or because I considered eating chocolate cake too. Yea...both. But I didn't. Thought about it, but I didn't.

Second...when I was tucking E into bed tonight he said, "Remember when I was three and we watched a movie with Santa....." Of course he continued on with his story. But what it made me think about, having just had my mom here for a few days...I only have memories of my mom (with me helping) decorating the Christmas tree. My dad always set it up in the stand, and of course cut it down because my mom had to trek for hours and hours in the forrest looking for JUST the perfect tree. But then my dad was done. That was his part. I think it's strange the things I remember (and all the things I don't remember) from my childhood. Why did my mind decide to keep that memory but not so many others? Is it becasue that's how it was when I was growing up? My parents living very seperate lives...and that's how my mind chooses for me to remember? Who knows. What I DO know is that I want E to have GOOD memories...and lots of he can look back and remember and be happy when he does. I want that for Alexander too.

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JenSmack said...

They will... they will have wonderful memories because you will make sure of it!

Your memory reminded me of my christmas tree memories... we always had "fake" trees - maybe it was because we lived in FL and my parents (who were from NY) didn't want to have to deal with a real tree.. maybe we couldn't afford it, who knows...

Anyway.. my dad would "build" it and then my sister and I would decorate it. My parents wouldn't do it at all... but they'd sit on the couches by the tree and point to where they wanted ornaments to go.

Not sure how I feel about that memory - but there it is. :)