Thursday, September 07, 2006

Catching up!

Our friends from Atlanta are now back home. Our camping trip over Labor Day was FAB. Haven't laughed so much as I did on Sunday night in such a long time. It was good.

Ethan had his third day of kindergarten today. He seems to really love it and that makes me happy. The only hard part is for Alexander. He misses E. He was crying this morning when we left (as E was walking into his classroom). Made me SO sad. It's SO hard for Alexander to be the younger brother because he is SO ready to do EVERYTHING E does. I was sad, the first day, when James and I took E to school. Happy and sad...and excited for him...geeesh. lol.... He was having some problems with his behavior when we were camping so I was really beginning to wonder if he would see Principal Paul on his first day. Thankfully that didn't happen. lol...

Getting ready for my mom's visit. She arrives on Saturday. E also has his first soccer game on Saturday (and practice again tomorrow). Seems like we've been SO busy for a long time now! I have't scrapped in over 10 days!! I have been so tired I actually went to bed at 11:15 last night. And peeps...that is EARLY EARLY EARLY for me. I am such a night owl. It's my only free time and it's when I scrap (or sometimes when I watch movies that James doesn't want to see). But mostly I scrap.

I've been so tired I can't seem to get my groove on. So instead of sitting at my desk last night...blankly staring and doing nothing I went to bed. WITH James. That's rare. He usually goes to bed WAY before me. So that was nice.

So tomorrow, are ya ready for this??? I know I'm not. But it must be done. I must clean the sty before my mom gets here. Plus it really needs it with the extra bods that were in the house. So think of cleaning some more....double ICK. Really. Truly. And I will. Maybe I'll sneak some in tonight. Won't be doing any this weekend with my mom I better get a quick fix tonight.

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