Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm feelin' scrappy!!

Just haven't had the energy to scrap! Still trying to get in a new groove with Ethan now going to kindergarten in the morning. Sheesh. It shouldn't be that hard. I just have to get up a little earlier...that's all. BLECH. Me and early....not so good.

Met with E's teacher today. Turns out he's having trouble understanding all the rules. So today we explained to him what is expected. HA. I still can't believe I had to meet with the teacher in.....WEEK TWO. OMG...there are SO many weeks left.

Soccer practice later. But it's SO freaking windy. And cold. Two days ago it was in the 90s. Today? 60s. I prefer cold but the Zan Man...he'll be cold at soccer practice. Our second game tomorrow. They are so fun to watch. E wasn't feeling great for the first game so this one should be even better!

I'm waiting for my most recent order from SG to arrive. AND I'm waiting for the Hambly to get to the store. Sheesh. A girl can only wait so long. Need me some yesterday. I know that will kick my ass into gear and no matter how tired I am I will scrap.

Must....MUST make some time this weekend to create. I need it.


JenSmack said...

Your little one will get the hang of all those rules... it's quite a change having to raise their hands when they want to talk... he's used to having all of your attention all the time! LOL! Week Two, eh?

And yes - the Hambly will most definitely inspire you to scrap. It's good to take a break now and then... lets the creative juices build up. (that's what I keep telling myself anyway)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! So glad to be getting to know you!

JenSmack said...

Oh - and could you please send me some of your cold weather... just a little. I'm freakin' tired of the 90 degree blazing sun and heat and humidity... it's really bad for my hair and my shoulders are killing me right now from a stupid sunburn.

Ughhh. Florida.