Friday, September 08, 2006

A surprise from James!!!!

We've been married a long time. So it's not often he can surprise me. But today...he DID!!!!!!!!! For my birthday he got me an IPOD! I had NO clue. And believe is RARE he can do something that I don't know about or he doesn't inadvertantly tell me about! So what a surprise! Now I can jam to some rad tuneage when I scrap! He even downloaded the first season of Desperate Housewives for me. I'm so freaking excited. Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously...this is so awesome! I've been jammin' to some Beastie Boy eez while cleaning today!

James...I love you. Thank you.


Dana Brooks said...

Have fun with your new ipod!!! DAna

Jupitormoon said...

You have a new family memeber too! Awesome!

JenSmack said...

Oh that is WAY COOL! What a thoughtful husband!

(sorry you had to clean though... at least you were cleaning with the Beastie Boys)

smkh1117 said...

Awesome gift! You totally deserve it! Rock on girl!