Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the ability to turn it just let go...fucking rocks.

big, loud waves.
i dig that.
i am pretty much fascinated with any dude that spends large amounts of time out on the ocean.
stopped at the tatoo shop/parlor while i was here.
to get my nose ring. but they were out. um....hello. what kind of tatoo parlor is out of nose rings?!!

been wasting entirely too much energy on something that is bad for me. instead of fighting it....thinking i NEED this particular thing to keep my shit together....i just let go. i am done.

fort bragg is a possibility. i am comfortable there. i think i can get over the history i have there (with james and pre-james).


~*Christina*~ said...

OK these pics made me cry. Thanks a lot. First my allergies and now these beautiful loving pics! JK! I love them and they really did move me and I love them. LOVE THEM! Love ya too!!!!!

Leah said...

you all look beautiful...and happy and that makes me happy!

Robyn said...

These pics of you and your boys are beautiful...your such a good mom...never forget that!

emfalconbridge said...

love love pics of you and your boys. i haven't been here for a while (sorry) but i have been thinking about you...hopefully i'll catch you on facebook soon and we can chit-chat. xx