Thursday, May 07, 2009

15 things. 10 was not enough. 20 was too many.

the astoria-megler bridge. as i type the name of the bridge i say it to myself inside my head. it makes me laugh. i will never forget the name of this bridge.

it takes you from oregon into washington state. we drove over it. it needed to be done.

15 things:
and then fulfillment.
the natural way things roll. sometimes it's brutal. sometimes it's beautiful.
the ocean.
i realize coca-cola and sugar are basically the same thing. but seriously. if my body doesn't receive a dose of sugar in some form (along WITH a coke) every day...i'm hurtin. how did this addiction happen?
caffeine. yes. i'm back on the red bull.
peaceful sleep.
thinking outside yourself. NOT being self-absorbed. being aware of what's around you. the fuckin bigger picture.
life. broken-in and blown-apart. it's powerful.
realizing injustice is not being overcharged at the effin grocery store. how quickly we become small.
wicked goodness.

quirkygirl, what is your name?
eva...hi! you are wonderful.


QuirkyGirl said...

It's Rachel

abfab74 said...

I just stumbled on to your blog today (thanks to quirkygirl) and I just wanted to write something because I don't know how not to. Reading your blog is like looking into the sun, I have to squint and can only take small doses at a time. Thank you for putting yourself out there...I don't know what else to say that wouldn't possibly open healing wounds for you, but just know that a lot of love and empathy is being sent your way from a tiny town in rural Indiana...xoxo - A

Carrie K said...

hmmm...washington state is my state :)

love you :) and your list rocks...