Monday, May 18, 2009

maybe i should live where it rains.

love the look on alexander's face.
he is SO my kid.
so fucking full of attitude (LOVE that).
love the innocent, adorable smile on E's face. nice.
feeling downright pissed off.
for no good reason.
been feeling this way for a couple of days.
went to see therapist dude this afternoon.
that makes me tired.
enjoyed a nice drive home.
it was 84 degrees.
the clouds rolled in.
it almost looked like rain. but it never rains here.
drove with the windows down and my music loud.
i can do that when the boys aren't in the car.
never giving up my 'i don't give a crap attitude.'
it works for me.
trying to appreciate the small things......


Misty said...

Could be your theme song. :D

Violet said...

My therapist dude is really cool (even though I haven't been to see him since December) He's this older ex-hippy/musician type who talks about the "divine" and makes me feel totally good. Going to see him was the one hour when I didn't have to talk or think about all of the shitty cancer and death stuff that was looming over my head. He actually put me on the spiritual/ higher thinking path that I'm on now, and for that, I'll be forever grateful.

I've had shrinks before who only wanted to talk about the shitty stuff and I always came away from the sessions feeling worse than I did before we had talked. Hopefully you can find a nice medium with your guy.

I also like to drive with windows down & music up, and if it's cold, the heater on full blast. Saucy lipstick is optional.

<3 V