Thursday, April 16, 2009

spending tonight in seaside and the weekend in astoria.

been jammin' to tunes.
matt nathanson (at the point). holy crap he rocks. i am fucking in love with his voice. and his guitar playing.
taking walks on the beach.
freezing my ass off.
drinking hot hot coffee.
consuming large amounts of caffeine and candy and not enough real food.
acknowledging the huge hole (i mean really noticing) there is in my life from james not being in it any more. feeling homesick (for james, not for home). home sucks.
not feeling like we've found a place. yet.
though i did really love newport.
i am conflicted. whatever it is i am saying to myself....there are too many other noises and i can't clearly hear what i am saying. what it is that i want. where it is that i want to go.
been kind of sad on this trip. and i'm not sure why.
i really haven't had any time to just sit. and think. and i need that. i need that and about 20,000 hours of sleep.
boys are exhausted. they fell asleep in under 5 minutes tonight. and that never happens.


Violet said...

Astoria in Oregan? Just beautiful!
You're line, "Home sucks," made me laugh out loud... and that's a rarity for me here in Blogland. I haven't heard M. Nathanson yet.. I'll have to look him up. You should look up Wintersleep and Beirut. They both really rock my world.

Have a good, safe trip, ok? <3

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I've been reading your blog since finding the link on a friend's for a few months now. You're an incredible Mom and a wonderful, strong woman - I live in Gearhart - just north of Seaside and work at the radio station in Astoria - always thought you'd head this way since you love the coast - call me if you want local ideas on where to go and what to do! :) 503-325-2911 Bethany

Marieke said...

I think you just have to come and live here. You'll love it her. *blowing raspberries
Just keep exploring K, you'll find home one day. {{hugs}}

Leah said...

you will know it when you find it! I am jealous of your adventures... we looked at a pic of mags and E today and she asked when she would see him again...I am hoping this SF!!
love you!!