Monday, April 06, 2009

couple more photos from san fran.

at the pier. first on the agenda? a pretzel. duh. then of course, ice cream.
i love boats. all kinds of boats. i just love boats. always have.
so stinking cute. caught both boys. with happy faces. so so good.
here mommy. i have a flower for you.
the carousel. just a random shot. like i always take.
people think i am running away (by taking so many roadtrips). i'm not. i just can't sit around. doing nothing. every fucking weekend. the weekend was james' time with the boys. and we just cannot sit around doing nothing. so we go places. it's not about running away. it's about getting out. and living life. trying to re-form our family. trying to keep communication open between me and the boys. because i see E closing off. and that can't happen.


Marieke said...

You know what? I love that you do that. Just pack up the car and go. Just a week until Easter break now right? Where are you going? I'd love to get away too but I don't think it's happening.
So happy to see the boys smiling.

QuirkyGirl said...

I remind myself everytime I hear someone give their opinion on what it is I'm doing or if I question not whether I think "is this nuts", but "Will this LOOK nuts to someone else?" that I MAKE THE RULES. In my life and my kids life (I'm a single parent) I get to make the rules based on what works for us. Even if it doesn't make sense to the rest of the world. It's free-ing. And my kids are learning to follow their own path as a result. The time will come when you want normalcy again. But that isn't right now. You're brave and beautiful to keep exploring the world. It teaches your boys the hard reality of Life Goes On...while giving them the adventure all kids (especially boys I think) need. Where to this weekend?

april said...

I'm so proud of you getting out there. Taking life by the balls. You drive around as much as you like. The memories you are making with the boys will last forever.

Leah said...

such beautiful pics of SF...makes me want to go back for a visit! you are doing what you need to do...for you and the boys...f&%^ what everyone else thinks about it!

Michelle Springer said...

I want to run away to Italy. Maybe I should take my cues from you and just go for it. Is it wrong that I don't want to bring my family with me?! :)

Cari K. said...

I love going on adventures! Good for you for just doing it!

Anonymous said...

you're brilliant... and your boys will remember these adventures always.