Sunday, June 28, 2009

things i have been thinking about.

i need a cool ride like this.
i want a chocolate chocolate chip frap but...uh...
yeah....i decided to give up chocolate.
AND coke. wtf am i thinking?!
i am sure i will come to my senses tomorrow.
i hate days when the temp is over 75 degrees.
even 75 is pushing it. i'm good at 70.
i like rain.
the question is, how much rain is too much.
how hard it's been to do the yoga/breathing stuff therapist dude asked me to do every night.
i seem to have trouble focusing.
there's a surprise.
the upcoming week.......
and another road trip this weekend.


Melissa said...

Is it possible for therapist dude to record a guided breathing exercise for you? I find it very helpful for someone to just tell me what to do. I'm able to really relax and breathe when I can let someone else do the thinking :o)

Leah said...

chocolate and the same time...are you mad, woman?
hoping the breathing will get easier for you...I love you!

Emily Falconbridge said...

i can see you in a hippy van like this! we used to have an orange one named myrtle, it was the best (when it wans't breaking down)...hope you find a great place to move to soon xx
(have you thought about australia?!!)