Monday, June 08, 2009

it's a gipsy kings kind of night.

saw therapist dude today.
now i have a headache.
related? um.....yeah.
he has decided to focus less on the boys.
and more on me.
thinkin that's not a good sign.
just sayin.
i told him i think i'm depressed.
that i am exhausted when i wake up (when i can sleep) and i'm exhausted when i go to bed.
he doesn't think i'm manic/depressive.
i sometimes wonder.
he says i am event depressed.
he didn't know i paint. until today.
and that i haven't painted in almost 3 months.
pretty sure every other word out of my mouth was fuck.
or mother fucken.
i have zero tolerance for stupid and/or rude people.
LOVING, like love love loving my new iPhone.
i officially have two boxes packed. go me.


~Amie~ said...

that's a really cool photo Kimberly.
been thinking of you- sending you some HUGS!

QuirkyGirl said...

I was glad to see your post. So 2 whole boxes down, huh? Has the final decision been made on the location? There were a couple posts my puter wouldn't let me read. I thought maybe it was X-rated and the parental advisories had kicked in...just a bit of Quirky sarcasm. Thought you could appreciate a bit of smartass. Can't wait to read from you again.

Marieke said...

Uhm yeah, therapist dude focussing on you would set alarm bells off in my head too. 'event depressed'.... ya think? How about post traumatic stress disorder? Now that would make sense. (no seriously) Sad to hear you haven't painted in so long. But I understand. It's in you just can't find a way out.
And two boxes packed! Yay. First step! Keep going.

Lisa said...

Love you girl.
Sending you a PM now.

Leah said...

packing?? boxes?? have I missed something?? we are headed to SF at the end of the feel a road trip coming on?

Patrice~ said...

'event depressed' . . .
gonna research that one . . .