Wednesday, August 13, 2008

when times were simpler.

for some reason i have been thinking a lot about what life used to be like. like right after high school. no obligations. nothing but freedom. i did not have the responsibilities i have now.

the biggest decision i used to have to make was whether to have another drink or if, perhaps 8 margaritas was enough. i didn't think about the future. i thought about right now. when does that change? i miss that freedom. i'm not saying i would trade my life for what it used to be...but damn. i sure love that time of my life. i guess i'm just feeling meloncholy.

life is all about choices. i question mine from time to time. you are ultimately responsible for yourself, but when you are married, and have children it's no longer black and white. that makes it much hard to make the decisions that may be right for just you.

and totally unrelated, holy crap the athletes in the olympics.....their bodies.....did i already say holy crap???!!! they are machines. impressive perfect bodies.

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Patrice~ said...

oh, do I ever
hear that, Kimberly.


wholy crap.