Tuesday, August 05, 2008


tonight after dinner the boys wanted to ride their bikes. it's what we do in the evenings. so i took the opportunity to get a photo of alexander riding that doesn't suck ass.
also got this photo of ethan. i should have been yelling at him to get down. but...uh....instead i, being the great mother than i am, snapped the shot. i'm happy to report we did NOT have to visit the emergency room from this evening's ride.
i have been tagged by the fabulous amie.
here are my six random things:
1. the other day i listened to some old cd's. i mean OLD. tracy chapman, in particular. whenever i hear her, it reminds me of my old boyfriend, timothy, and the time i went to visit him in newport, oregon. he was in the coast guard and was stationed there.
2. i have a thing for men in uniform. particularly the coast guard. did i mention i dated a guy who was a coastie? um, actually i dated a couple of 'em. not of course, at the same time. geez. i AM a lady! (to anyone who is now laughing their ass off, knock it off. i was serious).
3. when i was at the grocery store today i did not buy the bag of oreo cookies that i wanted. but damn i wish i would have. i would be eating them now if i did.
4. about three weeks ago i cut my left index finger very deeply (and right through my fingernail). it bled like a son of a bitch and it still hurts. i'm missing a chunk of fingernail and keep catching that finger on stuff.
5. i love the smell of rain. we have a 50% chance of rain here tomorrow. here's hopin'!
6. i am in dire need of new bras and underwear. seriously.
this is the part where i'm supposed to tag six people...but i'm entirely too lazy. so...if you read this long blog post, consider yourself tagged. post your 6 randoms and link me up.


Patrice~ said...

you are such a goober.
I totally dig
men in uniform.
esp when they salute. . . hee.

your boys are a riot.

and about that finger.
thank goodness you didn't
end up in the ER.
you just know you
would have seen me there,
purple robe and all . . .

and yes.
I still owe you an 'e.

~Amie~ said...

Your boys on their bikes are SO cute!

love the smell of rain too...

and oh my- Tracy Chapmen- that takes me back YEARS!!

Lisa said...

silly girl...I'll consider myself tagged...although I probably won't link pixs!