Monday, August 11, 2008

i have five boys in my house.

i know of late my blog has been fairly negative. i'm trying to work through that. let me just say that these last few months have been some of the hardest of my life. i have mentioned the usual things, and other things here and there. i haven't really gone into it in much detail. one of the biggest problems has been exhaustion. i have never felt such exhaustion in my life.

on another brother (he lives in california) drove over today and brought with him his three boys. kyler is 10 (will be 11 next month). the twins, sawyer and riley, are 8 (they will be 9 in december). i love my nephews. they are staying with us for a week. and let me tell you. it. is.. crazy. and loud. but good. today was filled with video games, running around screaming out of pure joy and bike riding.

tomorrow we are off to the park for a picnic lunch. then we are headed to swensons for ice cream. and i am sure more video games and bike riding as well. my brother is back at home. it's pretty much just me and five boys.

i never really realized until today what an assembly line it takes to feed five boys. and holy crap the amount of food they went through just today. now all five boys (and james) are in bed. aaaaaaaaah. it's quiet. at least until they wake up in the morning. lol... i do, however, enjoy spending time with my nephews. i don't get to see enough of them. ethan and alexander have been looking forward to this. i just hope i can keep them all entertained and happy for the next week.


~Amie~ said...

sounds fun Kimberly! I hope you enjoy your visit with your brother and family

Shandy said...

sounds F.U.N.!
yes, you will find that your food bill will like triple this week alone with all of them boys there to feed - LOL
Have fun being "mom" to 5 boys this week :)
what a "cool" aunt you are :)

Patrice~ said...

Aunt Kimberly.

that has a nice sound to it!!!
boys love to eat.
and eat.
and eat again and again.
enjoy it.
embrace it!
little dudes
are so much fun
to be around.
but five?
you. da. woman. . . .

Lisa said...

The eating machine that is a herd of boys never ceases to amaze me!

I'm glad you are enjoying them and I'm sure your two are absolutely in hog heaven with all these boy cousins.

No whining about being bored I am sure!