Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the fair (part 1). yes. this will be a two-parter.

on thursday of last week we went to the state fair with james' family. there were 12 of us 6 of which were children.

this is alexander on the jets. he LOVED this ride. if you're willing to take the time, you really should click on the photos to make them bigger. much better that way.
i handed the camera to james to collect alexander at the exit of the jets ride and he snapped our pic. for some reason in this photo alexander doesn't look happy. but trust me. he was. he was happy all night long. and we didn't get home until 11pm!!
in the front is joey (james' sister's youngest). in the back row (left to right) is of course E, then justin (james' sister's as well). next to justin is brian (james' brother's little boy) and of course next to brian is alexander. they all went on the tugboat ride and had a great time.
alexander back on the jets again. i'm telling ya....the kid LOVED that ride.
james somehow managed to take this photo of me, alexander and auntie trish (james' cheeseball sister). and i mean the cheeseball thing in a loving way, not a mean way! lol....

and what do we have here???? oh, it's just my loving husband flippin' me the bird!!! all because HE had to go on this ride and not me. ha!!! sweet, isn't he? joey, our nephew (trish's youngest) really wanted to go on this ride (where you lay down) so uncle james took him.

james and E on a pretty fast-moving ride. you can tell it's going fast because about 10 inches of james' hair is behind him. yep. the dude has very long hair right now.

i have more pics. many many more pics. be prepared. i may....heck...who am i kidding....i WILL post a couple more sometime soon. we always have a good time at the fair. well....mostly the boys do. but it's something we've always done with james' family and i would like to keep that tradition.

the one person i miss during this time is james' dad.

fun was had by all. the boys were dirty, i mean their feet were filthy!!! they were stuffed full of fair food (omg....ICK)...but they loved it. and we'll probably go back next year. back later with more pics. but just a few, i promise.


Patrice~ said...

you are just tooooooooooo cute!

fun fun pictures!
and the cousin
pics are just priceless!

we haven't been
to our state fair
in a couple of years.

isn't the fair a wonderful,
family experience??

I know.
we miss dh's dad, too.

I'm staying tuned
for Part II!!!!

~Amie~ said...

fabulous pics kimberly, looks like you guys had a really fun time!