Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the fair (part 2). i told you it was coming.

i meant to post this at the end. but i didn't. so here it is at the beginning. this was at the very end of the night right before we left. two happy boys. i had to capture the moment (because they were being so nice to each other).
alexander on the tugboat ride. again.

Ethan on the dragon rollercoaster.
E on this big maze thing where there was a slide at the end to get down.
me and alexander (and next to me are james' mom and cousin brian).
alexander giving brian a hug. so cute.
after the hug, yet another time on the jets. but just look at them. they were so happy.

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Patrice~ said...

summer time,
and the living is easy . . .

show me your layouts!!