Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of second grade.

alexander is tired. very very tired. we have had a whirlwind two weeks. he was excited to go play out on the second grade playground but his energy quickly ran out so he sat down for a little rest. alexander had mixed emotions today. he wants E to go back to school (alexander says E picks on him too much) but alexander will miss E. they do play nicely together from time to time. alexander is also sad that he's not getting to go to school. i told him next year will be his year.
i watched E and alexander walk into school. i love a shot from the back. i have a similar shot from kindergarten and first grade as well.
just hangin', waiting for the bell to ring. E is on the right by the red pole. you can tell my kid. he's the one with the longest hair.
alexander on the monkey bars. he LOVES the monkey bars.
E and mrs. dolan (his teacher) on the way into class after the bell rang.

i sent E off with his backpack stuffed with school supplies and his lunchbox. i put a little note in his lunchbox telling him to have a great first day of second grade and that i love him. i hope he really does have a great first day of second grade. he was very excited this morning to be going back to school!


Leah said...

such great pics!! I can't believe how long E's hair is!!! and I am so excited to know that you feel like creating something...very excited...I heart you!!

Patrice~ said...

oh my, how your
little dudes have grown!!!!

the upside-down
monkey bars pic.
very cute.

can you really
believe they're
all back in school????

Stephanie Herbert said...

Wow, times flies! I hope that you are well!

~Amie~ said...

I love your photos Kimberly! Such cuties you have there!

Lisa said...

Lovely shots. seriously. all kinds of loveliness because they so capture the realness of the moment. YOu really do have a gift for tha tchick