Sunday, August 17, 2008

emotions are messy.

why is it that my emotions are bottled up until i watch a movie.
instead of being content with what i have i WANT the 'romance' of what i'm watching.
i can feel others' pain but don't recognize my own. UNTIL i watch a movie. then it comes pouring out.
for some reason i go through most days emotionless. i smile, and laugh....but i don't really feel it until i'm alone. or watching a mvie, or a complete season of a television show.
i crave romance. even a show like sex and the city can make me cry. WTF is up with that.


Patrice~ said...

yeah. I know.
I dunno.

maybe b/c you
put everyone before you?

just guessing.
'cuz that's what
I do.
everyone else before me.
then I internalize.


Carrie K said...

its easier that way...

if i start crying about what my REAL life i might never stop

i like that i can cry over tv or a movie...its release

Lisa said...

Yeah what Carrie said.

Seriously if I unlocked the "boohoo" gates for some personal time we'd have to call the Army Corps of Engineers