Thursday, July 29, 2010


this post may not make much sense.
at least to someone else.
everyone grieves differently.
i do believe that to be true.
for me, at first, i couldn't grieve at all.
i was in too much shock.
my body went on auto pilot.
i cared for the boys.
did the things you do.
planned a service.
talked to E's teacher so she knew his father died.
so she would understand his behavior at school.
so began our life without james.
i would be overcome by severe and take your breath away emptiness.
throw up.
again and again.
a sadness i had not experienced before.
then i would go back on auto pilot for a while.
it was my body and mind's way of saying...whoa....that's a little too much there.
too much to handle.
too much to process.
there were so many stages of grief.
i am still grieving.
yet at this point, it doesn't take over my life.
at times, yes.
but not in an on-going holy fucking crap i can't breathe kind of way.
i can now talk about james.
and smile while doing it.
course, i'm sad too, but i can laugh, and think back fondly.
i can also, look back at photos, laugh AND cry at the same time.
happiness from the memories and sadness that there will never be more like them.
that include james.
why did i choose to post this particular photo you might wonder.
it's the last photograph of alexander and his father together.
alexander is four in the photo.
it was taken on september 1, 2008.
james died 5 weeks after this photo was taken.
it was a spur of the moment decision to take the boys miniature golfing that day.
alexander looks so young.
he seems so big to me now.
like a completely different kid now.
so grown up compared to how he looked in this photo.
here's the thing i'm most sad about (regarding my relationship with james).
i appreciated him when he was alive.
oh, you bet your ass i did.
i knew what a good man he was.
i knew it from the moment i met him.
but, what i didn't know....what i didn't FULLY realize, until james was gone.....
i didn't really appreciate him enough.
i didn't relish (is that even the right word) in us laying naked together.
when we were together, just the two of us (boys asleep or whatever)....there always seemed like there was something else we should be doing.
not just laying together, enjoying each other.
oh how wrong i was.
i appreciated the man he was.
the father he was.
yes, he had flaws.
we all do.
but i KNEW in the depths of my soul he was good.
and meant for me.
because he was.
and i wish, oh how i wish i would have just enjoyed HIM.
his body.
but it's true.
i miss that part of him.
of us.
and wish i would have given myself more fully to him in that way.
devoured him, and just fucking soaked it in.
as if it was going to go away.
because what do you know.
it did.
we were one way alone together.
the way two people are when they are crazy about each other.
the boys knew we loved each other.
we kissed, held hands in front of them....
but they never saw the raw sexual-intertwined emotional side of us.
as they shouldn't.
that was between us (me and james. uh, james and i)?
i just wish i had been more selfish, almost, and taken more of that time for us.
but we were always this.
or that.
i wish i had more fully appreciated that part of us.
because i miss it.
why have i been thinking so much about james lately?
i do not know the answer to that.
i really missed him today.
i miss him everyday.
but tonight i sought out photos.
i wanted to SEE him.
i can no longer smell him.
or feel him.
so i wanted to see him.
with the boys.
or at least one of them.
i think it was taking the boys to the aquatic center today.
watching their interaction.
knowing if james would have been there he would have been in the pool/going down the slide every second right along with the boys.
they have a different life now.
not bad.
just different.
so good in some respects.
but so sad and empty in others.


Leah said...

A looks so small in that picture...I'm glad that you have pics of James now that you are ready to look at you mucho my friend! oh...and that room use to be a deck off of the it connects with the kitchen and mag's room and will be filled with kid crap!

QuirkyGirl said...

You can ask me whatever you want whenever you want to. I always thought I was an open person, but I've found out lately that I've spent years hiding behind walls so that I wouldn't hurt. What I was was an HONEST person. If I wanted to answer I'd be truthful. Only now, I don't want to hide anymore. I realize it's a bit of a condtradiciton to start a new blog about being completely open, but only wanting certain people to know about it, but you shouldn't be open with everyone. Some people set out to hurt you.

B isn't one of them. He gives me a safe place to feel. A safe place to say it all out loud. I tell him EVERYTHING. There is nothing I hold back from him. I want to marry this one. I'm doing surprisingly well. I get nervous from time to time, but just about the time I get squirrely he manages to find a way to contact me and put it to rights again.

This post was beautiful, Kimberly. It was an acostic set. Raw and down to the bare bones of the intimacy of the two of you. Thank you for allowing us into that emotion. I read you and look at the newness of my relationship with Brandon and heed the advise you give. I want to remember your words and learn from them. I want to lay naked with him and NOT worry about the laundry or whatever else it may be.

You teach me about what not to take for granted everytime I read you. Thank you for teaching me by being transparent with your life. I value that gift.


SaraReno said...

That was beautiful.

James' pictures are still up on our wall at work and every morning I say hello. Is that odd, to still wish him a good morning every day? It still feels like some part of him never left here. Especially that picture you took of him in the snow, it seems like he's still "there".

Carrie K said...

amen sister amen!!

the five year mark is coming up for me next can it be five effing years that she has been surreal...

grief is a powerful shitty thing when it brings you to your knees!

love you!