Sunday, July 06, 2008

yeah. now that's what i'm talking about!!!

alexander in the surf. YES. tahoe had a surf. it was almost like being at the ocean.

ethan having fun in the waves.

we went to tahoe with a bunch of people. this is rachael (our friends' daughter) getting james with a bucket FULL of cold tahoe water. gotta love it that i just happened to catch the shot!

what's time at the beach if you don't bury someone! elizabeth started it but alexander was more than happy to pile the sand on his daddy, then WALK on him to pile on more!!! lol....

all in all we had a really great day. i didn't take my camera to the fireworks. i figured i had taken more than enough photos at the lake. and i wanted to enjoy cuddling with alexander under a blanket and listening to his reaction to the fireworks. i held him in my lap the entire time and loved every single minute of it. the thing that made me laugh?? alexander saying, "yeah, that's what i'm talking about" when the big really great fireworks went off. such a funny kid.


Patrice~ said...

your boys
are having so much FUN!!!!!
what a great memory!

Lisa said...

A lake has waves?

Dude that is one seriously big lake!

Awesome pixs.....I can feel the spray in my face....almost!