Tuesday, July 08, 2008

wanna see a cute kid?

stinking freaking adorable (if i do say so myself). this was alexander a couple of weeks ago.

why can i not motivate myself to clean the house. do i LIKE living in a sty? um. NO. do i think the house cleaning fairies are going to magically appear? um. yeah. that's a no too. but hey. a girl can dream. maybe one day the house cleaning fairies AND the dinner cooking fairies will both magically appear at my doorstep. wouldn't that be nice. in the meantime, i guess i'll continue to live in a not 100% clean house. at least until thursday. tomorrow i'm off to lake tahoe for some fun in the sun.


~Amie~ said...

he is SO adorable Kimberly! Love his rocket ship shirt too :)

Patrice~ said...

you lucky lady, Kimberly!!!

did I mention
your boys are
just tooooooooo

job well done.

Lisa said...

Read and embrace ERma Bombeck.

Bottom line

The house will be dirty 10 minutes after you clean it.

Your kids would probably rather have sandwiches for dinner anyway.

Carpe diem

Play time for yourself. Playtime with your kids...that's what you ALL will remember 20 years from now.

Not that the laundry was neatly folded in the drawers, the house was free of dust bunnies or that you had 4 course gourmet dinners every night.